Asac Pharmaceutical Immunology has been working in the field of allergen and bacterial immunotherapy since 1986. We have two production plants where we manufacture a wide variety of products: skin prick tests, hyposensitising allergenic vaccines, bacterial vaccines, autovaccines and allergenic and bacterial bulk vaccines.


In Asac Pharmaceutical Immunology we manufacture and sell allergenic extracts for diagnosis (prick test) and treatment (hyposensitising allergenic vaccines).

Our manufacturing processes are carried out in accordance with the European Union’s standard on good manufacturing practices and the guidelines of the European Medicines Agency (EMA).


At Asac Pharmaceutical Immunology we produce, under GMP standards, bacterial vaccines from a bacterial suspension determined by the specialist.

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By reporting adverse reactions, you can help to provide more information on the safety of our products.

Please report them to our pharmacovigilance department:

Mobile: +34 670 288 460
Telephone: +34 965 286 700
Fax: +34 965 286 434

Or report them directly to the Spanish Pharmacovigilance Service of Medical Products for Human Use: