API medical advisory board assembles in Latin America

Asac Pharmaceutical Immunology will launch several research and dissemination projects in Mexico as a result of these working sessions.

On 8 and 9 November, Asac Pharmaceutical Immunology held its annual medical-scientific board meeting in Puebla, Mexico, which was attended by medical advisers from Spain, Mexico and Brazil. The aim of this meeting was to examine the reality of practising specific immunotherapy in Mexico and propose short- and medium-term actions to disseminate the positioning of IPI Asac Mexico’s new concentration of allergen extracts and short treatment regimens.

Available on the Mexican market from early 2022, the new allergen concentrations were presented on the first day, as well as how to improve quality of life in Mexican patients by referring to the latest studies carried out in Spain and Brazil.

The second day focused on discussing increasing patient adherence to allergen-specific immunotherapy with short starting regimens and high maintenance doses, due to the evidence of short-term clinical improvement. According to the experts, this results in reducing the consumption of other symptomatic medications, reducing visits to allergy clinics and hospital emergency rooms and, therefore, directly and indirectly benefits public and private health systems and society in general.

As a result of these sessions, an observational study on the quality of life in children and adults with mite allergies during treatment with IPI’s sublingual immunotherapy will be launched, as well as a scientific dissemination group that will begin by supporting the practical training of residents graduating from the speciality of Allergy and Clinical Immunology in Mexico in December.

Following these working sessions, an academic session was held on Wednesday 10 November with allergy specialists from the most important public institutions in Mexico, in which studies and evidence of the dose-dependent relationship of SIT were shared.

The interest of all participants was evident and, with a new focus on the scientific evidence of SLIT in recent years, anticipation for the launch of the new IPI Asac Mexico extracts was very high. In the words of David López, International Director of API, “the result has been fantastic, and it is very gratifying to show our support to the medical profession in Mexico through these training programmes and new studies for both allergen therapy and the prevention and treatment of recurrent infections with bacterial vaccines”.

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